The Beetle launch

English language print ads for Beetle launch in China.

Bodycopy: So you noticed? The Beetle seems surprisingly powerful and confident. Kind of hard to ignore. Maybe it’s because of the more dynamic profile that comes with that sweeping roofline and huge panoramic sunroof. Or maybe it’s the, shall we say, more muscular curves of the bodywork.
It’s good to be appreciated, of course. But everyone knows it’s what under the surface that really matters. And here there’s another reason to sit up and take note. Because when you hit the gas, the sporty 1.2TSI and 1.4TSI engines, and 7-speed DSG gearbox, will instantly set your heart pumping just a little bit faster. And as heads turn in your direction, you might even allow yourself a brief, but subtle, smile of acknowledgement.

Volkswagen China